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Artist Spaces

We understand the constraints faced by artists… ‘Empowerers’ is here to remove them.

It’s hard to make ends meet as a struggling artist, whether you are making the colors splash or your words count. Giving impetus to artistic freedom, ‘Empowerers’ tries to give a unique platform through its cozy environment and affordable renting ability.

We invite artists to come rent our space, relish in its comfort and satiate their creative itch. Our walls are waiting to be adorned with your artwork, while our clients are ready to give top dollar for freelance and permanent work.

The cozy cabins with adequate storage and privacy are ideal creative dens to let your instincts flow, whether it is on the canvas as a painter or on the page as a writer

We are waiting for our next creative genius to blossom… what are you waiting for??

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Working in co working is a different experience all together specially when you meet brilliant co workers. I just love the environment. A coolest place to work.

Nitin Sharma

Really good place for people who are looking for a co-working space. Great team to work with. You will get to meet new people and exponentially grow you business.

Anshul Garg

Very Nice Place and great experience for co-working space. Fast Internet speed make our work easy and fast.

Awdhesh Kumar Jha

Its the place where everyone can gelled up and it feels like home !! This place is a one stop place for people who look something apart from the work!

Mahesh Garg

great work place.. very creative environment …. its very close to the metro station Green Park.. i really enjoyed to work here..

Anupriya Rajput

A good place to work at….People here are quite professional with the work….awesome ambiance…It actually justify the concept of coworking

Sukriti Jain