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Build Your Own Office Space





Reimagine a Coworking Space for Designers!

    Want to Build an Office Space?

    Then look no more! We are one stop solution for all commercial interior design services for projects of all shapes and sizes

    So, you want to build out your office space but you don’t know where to begin. Building out your office space can be overwhelming, but hiring a project manager who can help you make a plan and lead you through the process can keep you on track.

    At Empowerers, we follow a simple method to kickstart a commercial property in no time. These steps include shortlisting real estate, designing the property, getting the right permits, construction and final delivery. Before you move in, you will do a final walk-through with the project team to pinpoint anything that doesn’t match the construction plans or isn’t up to standard. These items are added to a “punch list.” The general contractor or vendor responsible for each item is required to complete or correct each issue before they receive final payment. After everything is corrected, you will do one last walk through to make sure everything is as it was planned.

    Hiring us can help you make the most informed decisions that lead to a smoother build out with the best end results. Because we are experts on building codes, regulations, vendors and more, you can avoid costly setbacks by speaking with us before something goes wrong. So, lets get in touch and discuss business!

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    Building a workspace that supports agile working

    There are currently over 62,000 high-growth businesses in India and while some companies have opted to work remotely and inflexible co-working spaces, the discussion around property and office space becomes increasingly relevant as your business grows. Flexibility is set to be a key motivator for job changes in 2022, with many wanting a better work-life balance. Thus, we consider designing your office with a more progressive, hybrid-friendly approach.

    How? As, by taking an office with too much space can have residual effects on your profitability; building an office with too little space can limit performance and restrict your growth. The solution to this is to build flexibility into your space that will enable you to accommodate any changes easily. With the rise of flexible and hybrid working, offices are being designed for a more transient workforce which will naturally enable more room for change and fluctuations.

    Even though it might not be easy to predict exactly how your business will grow, taking space that is aligned with your plans will give you more freedom. Making short-term decisions on your current needs may lead to another office move within a quick timeframe.

    If you would like to learn more about how you can build a new office space that’s energy efficient, uses modern technology, but has a look and style all your own, Empowerers can help. Feel free to reach out to us for any business enquiry.

    Why should a business even consider building an office in the remote age?

    An office gives your company an identity and an opportunity to create your culture. This helps in winning clients and attracting and retaining talent. Even so, open floor plans, social spaces and workstations that support different tasks will help your staff to embrace a more fluid way of working.

    When does the site selection process start?

    Ideally, we should begin your design process during the site selection process, before you even sign a lease. We will work with a design team to define your vision, develop concepts and eventually finalize construction documents that you can use for bidding and permitting.

    How much will I be involved in the complete process?

    The only thing we’ll need from you is approval and your perspective during our build process. But even here, the major things would be fixed once you sign your lease, and our project team begins to design the look of your space such as the layout, style, finishes and more. This is also when you will choose paint colors, countertops and your office layout.

    Be a Office Owner, Be an Empowerer!

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