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Creative Coworking Space for Designers

We understand the constraints faced by artists… ‘Empowerers’ is here to remove them.

It’s hard to make ends meet as a struggling artist, whether you are making the colors splash or your words count. Giving impetus to artistic freedom, ‘Empowerers’ tries to give a unique platform through its cozy environment and affordable renting ability.

We invite artists to come rent our space, relish in its comfort and satiate their creative itch. Our walls are waiting to be adorned with your artwork, while our clients are ready to give top dollar for freelance and permanent work.

The cozy cabins with adequate storage and privacy are ideal creative dens to let your instincts flow, whether it is on the canvas as a painter or on the page as a writer

We are waiting for our next creative genius to blossom… what are you waiting for??

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We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

Emerged from the founding block of creativity, we are here to serve you with the best!

Lake Facing

Nature got the essence, creativity demands space and we’ve got that for you!

35+ Seats

We’re heading towards 270 seats soon, so why wait? Avail your spot today!

Shuttle Service

Hate to commute? No worries, we’ve got you covered on a payment basis

Working in Empowerers design republic is a different experience all together especially when you meet brilliant designers as coworkers. I just love the environment. The best coworking space for designers in South delhi to work in. Highly recommended!

Nitin Sharma

A good place for the ones who are looking at a workspace for designers in delhi ncr.

Anshul Garg

Great essence and refreshing outlook, on the top it… it feels active because of positive vibes which are here for a grasp. A good place for price if you are looking for designer coworking space in hauz khas village!

Awdhesh Kumar Jha

Designing anything takes time, effort and environment… Empowerers Design republic is something which enables me to think through my work and iterate to a better version… this hauz khas village coworking space is the best if you want to have an essence of young spark in your daily work!

Mahesh Garg

great coworking space for designers.. very creative & positive environment …. Shuttle is there to serve you and the hauz khas environment just charges you up with energy!

Anupriya Rajput

Atlast a good designer workspace in Delhi that fits your budget…People here are quite professional with their work and the place itself offers a great ambiance which gives you a comfort zone to work with your imagination, probably the best coworking space in hauz khas!

Sukriti Jain


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