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We all have a goal in our lives, let it be a professional one or a personal one. It doesn’t matter what we are putting into it to reach our goals. there can be various things that can pour your energy into it.

Maybe you want to start a side hustle, or you might have planned to pay off your student loans in 5 years or to run a marathon. It may be anything if you invest your energy at the right place with the right mindset you can achieve it.

We need to see that what it is that holds us back, no matter how much passion and desire we have in us. It could an unknown fear or the insecurities of our own mind. Perhaps it’s the fear of what might happen and inability to get up again after a failure. Whatsoever is the reason we always end up creating obstacles for our own selves which never existed before. What mind-set you hold is what matters the most when it comes to touching your goals. And preparing about how to reach your goals and what psychology you must work with can do wonders for you.

Move Past the Fear of Failure

One of the major reason which stops us or stands as a barrier to our goals is the fear failure, the fear of rejection.

And our mind becomes a slave of this fear in such a way that we can’t think of anything but all the negative outcomes. The two words ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ get stuck in our minds and they keep on chanting the same thing ‘’ what do I do if this doesn’t work out’’ and that is the point where our mind starts making excuses. This fear by time becomes a very rigid pattern of our mind, that no matter if we start things with how much passion it still creates a doubt in your mind. Then this fear makes its home in your emotional and your logical mind. It creates a doubt such that we don’t have a certainty that if we would be able to recover or not if it didn’t work for us.

Humans are designed to survive. The nature of the human brain is to make sure that conditions are always optimized to support us with our targets and this in every situation, helps in getting ahead.

Whenever we observe a failure we see a drop in our social status and it risks the loss of human face value and interaction. We are so worried about what others might think of you that we end up paralyzed by inaction. When I started my own business I was afraid that it would be a failure and I’d be destitute. There was nothing grey for me, either it’s black or white, either you succeed or you fail. And this mindset kept me working for my goal of full-time self-employment for years.

And then finally I got few words from someone that” if it doesn’t work out you just go find another job’’. And on the receiving end of these words, I smiled and realized how just because of one thought I was complicating things and it suddenly cleared my mind.

Getting rid of the failure is very important from your vocabulary or it will move you into fear with all its power and keep you surrounded there. When you accept fear as a part of your journey to your goal, it suddenly becomes a non-issue.

Accepting the failure as a part of your process will take away all the energy of fear from your mind. And will give your freedom to move forward towards your goal.


Break Goals into Smaller Chunks

‘Overwhelm’ another feeling that prevents us from moving forward when we are trying to reach our goals. We set a lofty target and then we start to analyse all the things which are required in order to hit the mark and there we get stuck.

Instead, we must break it down into smaller chunks which might help us in order to move forward.

When we train for the marathon we don’t directly go out on one fine day and complete 26 miles without breaking a sweat. So, it’s a process which requires a disciplined training, determination, and dedication. The process of training for a marathon takes months, and each week you gradually increase the distance you run, allowing your body and brain to get used to these conditions. By the time you get ready and the marathon day comes. Now you see how those small steps helped you to reach where you are?

Take this simple approach to your goals.

Be realistic and start with smaller goals. Make them into chunks and those chunks only would lead you to your ultimate destination. When you achieve one of your milestones, celebrate and reward yourself, and then keep moving forward. This approach also allows you to plant and pivot if something isn’t working, or your goal has shifted over time.

Stop Giving Up On Yourself

It’s always comfortable for us to turn when your goal demands your determination and hard work and smart work.

Whenever it takes more time or your mind starts giving you excuses about it you end up giving up on yourself before you’ve had the chance to see the process.

When we give up on ourselves in one aspect of life, we gradually start to lose our momentum in aspects parts of life as well. It could be due to our past negative experiences and our judgment about ourselves that we are not capable of executing thins positively. By giving ourselves absurd reasons and inviting all the negative thoughts such as we are not valuable or worthy enough to achieve our dreams and see them as reality. There is a lot to be gained if, we are mature enough to have the wisdom that to know when to quit if achieving a target is consuming a lot of your time. This only comes when you are actively involved in it and not when are sitting on the sidelines.

Commitment is the key, if you want to achieve something then have clarity in your mind about how you want it and what you want it. Don’t give up before you start to build the forward momentum necessary to keep you moving. And then commit yourself totally to it and make it happen at any cost.

The last thing for you to take away, giving up is not an option, it’s just another road to regret that leads you to nowhere near your goal.

Modifying your mindset according to your best interest is the key. It has the power to accomplish your goals. My mindset here, I mean, moving past the fear of failure, breaking every step into the destination, committing yourself to see the goal through to completion and most importantly having a mindset of a believer and of an optimist. And then the road to success will reveal itself.

So let’s go out there and smash those dreams we carry inside of us. Make them a reality by putting all we got inside our soul!



Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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