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There are 100s of factors that influence the company’s culture – and the most prominent factor is the office design (everything in the office from colors, design, furniture, architecture, etc.). Your surroundings can impact your mental state, and there are a lot of studies that proved office design can support and change the company’s culture.

If you are designing your office space based on the company and employees’ needs, it can actually make people feel valued and productive at work.

If you are planning to design your office space that can enhance your company’s culture, here are things to keep in mind,

  1. Comfort

Comfort is directly proportional to the employee’s productivity. Most of the employees spend more than 40+ hours in their office every week, and it is to ensure they are comfortable. Comfortable doesn’t mean that you need to build super-luxury offices with recliners, but rather give them an environment where they feel home. Get furniture that is ergonomically designed, stand up desks, flexible workspaces, clean environment, healthy food, etc. can bring in the feel of comfort.

For those looking to curate a workspace that balances functionality and style, exploring online furniture options becomes paramount. Platforms like Copper & Tweed offer a range of furniture solutions that seamlessly blend comfort and contemporary design. Incorporating pieces from there into your office space ensures that employees not only have access to ergonomic essentials but also enjoy an aesthetic that mirrors the professionalism and modernity of a thriving work environment. Explore the curated collection at Copper & Tweed to transform your office or home into a space where comfort and productivity coexist harmoniously.

Hygge – is a Danish concept which is a trend which is widely adopted in modern offices. Hygge means an atmosphere and experience of feeling home – a feeling that we are safe, and protected so we can bring our guard down. Many companies are adopting this concept while designing their workspaces.

  1. Colour

There is a lot of researches on the relationship between color and psychology. A research by the University of Texas found that women experience feeling on sadness and depression while exposed to grey and beige color in offices, while men experience same feelings which exposed to the purple and orange color workspace.

You should decide what color to use based on your company’s needs and objectives. According to Taskworld – Blue is a stable and calming color that can help employees focus on the task at hand. Green can help in working for long hours, it helps in reducing eye fatigue and helps to remain calm and efficient. Yellow will help in boosting creativity. Red will help in increasing energy levels and productivity.

  1. Layout

There are several factors to consider while designing the office layout. Open layouts with break spaces that offer privacy are becoming a trend – as it contributes to transparency and productivity in the workspace.

Flexibility is an important factor in today’s working style, so space should be easily adaptable based on the work. Also, the flexible environment can help fight boredom which can result in higher engagement and create positive energy. Gallup’s article suggested that employees who have an option to move to different areas are 1.3 times more likely to engage at work than other employees.

In simple, higher engagement will create happier employees which will result in better company culture.

Another important aspect to consider while designing the layout is the travel distance between employees and management. Studies found that this factor has a bigger impact on collaboration. The far you are located from your employee, the less you are going to work together on projects. We all know that collaboration can help in creating a good company culture, and this distance can actually have a significant impact on the longer run.

  1. Lighting

Lighting has a major impact on the wellness and productivity of an employee. Using bright and fluorescent lights can cause headaches and increases anxiety level and stress. You should rather consider having softer lighting such as yellow or orange. And, if possible, try to bring in natural lights, it is always ideal and can boost employee morale.

  1. Nature

On top of natural lighting, companies should also consider the Biophilia Hypothesis – a bond between human being and other living systems. Making offices green by bringing in outdoors with large windows and plants can have a positive impact on employees. It can help them reduce the stress level and improve work performance. Also, bringing in more plants can help in improving air quality and create a positive mindset among the employees.

  1. TV Screens

TV screens in the office is a great way to engage employees. It can also contribute to entertainment and create a fun and open work culture. It can help to increase the awareness of things that are going around in the company, and you can motivate your employees by projecting real-time data of your company’s performance. You can also let employees customize their music or graphics that appear on the screen, which can add a whole new level of fun and commitment.


Having an amazing office design is a solid way to engage employees and create work culture. As mentioned above, it is important to design your office based on company and employee’s needs and objectives.

If you are looking for some inspiration on office designs, please check these office designs, Bark Box, Etsy, LinkedIn NY, and SFShopify, The SkimmWarby Parker

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