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Your Desk is a family-owned coworking space in the central business district of Sydney, Australia. In just 3 months, the Australian brand was able to generate $311,790 AUD ($208,894 USD) of expected revenue leveraging Coworking SEO’s unique member acquisition system. Now, Carl Sullivan shares the Your Desk story.

In September 2022, Carl Sullivan asked himself the same question other operators ask everyday, “How do I get new members for my coworking space?” According to Google Ads data, the top of page bid for “coworking space near me” has crept up over $20 in Q4 of 2022 – just for one click. With companies like WeWork spending as much as $400,000 or more per month on Google Ads alone, it can seem impossible to compete, leaving independent coworking spaces desperate for ways to acquire new members without breaking the bank.

“We still to this day, we’ve never done any sort of social media advertising,” Sullivan said on Episode 251 of the Everything Coworking podcast. Speaking with Coworking SEO, the Australian coworking space owner commented on agencies Your Desk had worked with in the past, “They didn’t really understand the commercial nature of coworking, so they were more interested in building the brand awareness, which is a good exercise, but in itself that doesn’t really always translate to, you know, dollars in your pocket, new clients joining your space.”

Then, Carl discovered Coworking SEO and joined the Coworking Cheat Code program. In less than 30 days, Your Desk launched a completely new website with a proven paid ads member acquisition system. Within days of the launch, Your Desk got its first lead and continued gathering 1-4 leads per day. “Speaking to new clients gives me such energy, so to be able to have that process without having to deal with all the crap of getting everything set up prior to that, is, you know, it’s my dream,” said Sullivan, “I’ve really been able to focus on other aspects of the business knowing that the lead generation side of things has just been seamlessly taken care of.”

Compared to previous member acquisition strategies, such as relying on commercial brokers that typically want 10-15% of the revenue, Sullivan enjoyed a customer-acquisition-cost (CAC) of $592.27 AUD ($396.84 USD) with the Coworking Cheat Code program, less than the cost of a dedicated desk at his coworking space.

In just 3 months, the payoff for Your Desk was $9,740 AUD ($6,525.66 USD) of additional monthly recurring revenue (MRR) as a direct result of Coworking SEO’s Coworking Cheat Code Program. Using average churn rates from Your Desk’s 12 years in business, Carl estimates that the members brought in from his 3-month run on the Coworking Cheat Code program will gross at least $311,790 AUD ($208,894 USD) of revenue for the Australian coworking space. The best part? In three months, Your Desk only invested $3106 AUD ($2084.59 USD) in ad spend, resulting in a 100:1 estimated return-on-ad-spend (ROA).

How does a struggling coworking space turn $1 into $100? “Not magic,” says Coworking SEO founder, Jake Bolling, “all it takes is a new approach to advertising that most operators aren’t aware of. It’s like a pot of gold sitting right under their noses.”

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to bring in new members while the market’s still hot. To maintain the highest level of quality control, Coworking SEO restricts the Coworking Cheat Code program to cohorts of five every month. To learn more about the program and apply today, visit or book a call directly at

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