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It’s no wonder that if you work in dark, air-conditioned offices surrounded by skyscrapers in bustling cities then you feel disconnected from nature! Studies show that this disengagement with the natural environment reduces work productivity, causes stress and even harms your health.

While there are many struggles in daily routine nowadays, some minor shifts in your office space could also carry huge impacts on the productivity of your employees. Wondering how? Here are five small steps you can take,


Introduce Natural Light

It’s not a less known fact that if you ask your employees about their number-one request for office design, most of them would desire natural light. Artificial light can cause headaches, strain, and stress, and it often looks dim and gloomy, making the business environment highly unattractive.

Natural light tends to improves employees’ health by regulating sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, also brightens the interiors of your office. Stuck on how could you introduce natural light in your workplace, here goes a few tips,

  • you can place enclosed spaces at the centre of the floor plan
  • make your people sit near the windows.
  • using glass modular walls to separate rooms
  • Lastly, you could hold walking meetings in the fresh air (maybe outside the premise or on the terrace) to get employees out and help stimulate creativity.


Add Plants and Flowers

Science proves that if we simply place plants in the office space, it improves productivity by almost 15 per cent. Greenery enhances the look of the office and helps bring in the well-being of employees by removing dust, mold and CO2 levels from the space. Plants also absorb sound, brings carbon levels in the air to lower levels, and reduces the irritating effects of noise distraction in the office.

Put elegant vases of flowers on desks and tables. You could include plants in the office space by dotting large plant pots around the area. And by placing attractive smaller pot plants throughout the office, it offers a relaxing version of the work environment as well.

One growing trend to increase greenery in business is to install a vertical garden, i.e. a wall of plants. This looks dramatic and modern.


Include Natural Elements

Another way of introducing nature in the workplace is by incorporating natural elements, such as wood, bamboo stripes, and stone, etc in your interior designs.

  • Choose wooden cabinets over plywood, and use natural flooring.
  • Hanging appealing paintings of landscapes and art featuring patterns found in nature throughout the office helps to create a calmer environment and reminds people of the outdoors.
  • Interesting wooden sculptures are another possibility.
  • Decorating with relaxing earth tones, such as sienna, also makes the atmosphere more relaxing & easy going.



Create an Outdoor Working Space

Outdoor working spaces are an excellent way for employees to enjoy natural surroundings & fresh air during work hours.

Suggestions include:

  • roof gardens
  • herb gardens

Make the area as attractive as possible with lots of greenery. A view over gardens or woodland is ideal, but this may be difficult in built-up areas.

Green spaces are also perfect for social gatherings after work. Enjoy a barbecue meetup or simply share drinks over chat after a long day at the office in the fresh air.


Impose Fragrance with Natural Scents

Research shows that natural scents have been shown to have psycho-physiological effects. For example, lavender helps you in concentration and reduces stress.

It’s a good idea to read about the different kinds of scents so that you can decide which one would be best for your office.

It’s a lovely idea to decorate the office with sweet-smelling flowers and plants, but be sure to check if any of your employees suffer from allergies first as it might just worsen the planning. Else, use natural oils derived from plants. Most biophilic designers suggest avoiding artificial scents because they are often filled with harmful chemicals, such as benzene.

Time to make your employees sure to be happier and more productive!


Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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