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One of the major problems entrepreneurs face is that they always feel short of time. As a result, they are always in a hurry, they are unable to attempt and complete the works they intend to accomplish in a day. It is more often than not easier to let the target tasks slip by, remaining unattended to, and incomplete. The entrepreneur can even fall into a vicious trap of a bad habit of always short of time. In order to be successful and thriving in your personal and professional life, it is important that a person sets certain rules that will help him achieve the maximum at work and in family life.


Build 10 positive habits to become successful in life

Let us take a look at some of the measures that you can follow to attain better success in your personal and professional life:

Planning and prioritizing

One of the most effective ways of doing a greater amount of work is to make a note of the various tasks that you wish to accomplish in a day. Hence, it is always prudent to begin the day with an analysis of and review of the tasks that you wish to do for the day. Once the list is made the task of prioritization must be done. This is a schedule that can also be completed the day earlier or at the closure of the previous day. All that is required for this planning is not more than 15 minutes, which allows you to align all your work and become more productive.


Share problems

Some people have a tendency to keep their problems very personal and secret. They do not want to talk about their personal problems with other people. This is not a very good idea. In fact, when you are having a problem it is advisable that you talk about your problems to anyone who is willing to lend a patient ear or whom you trust very much. Often talking to different people about your problems can help you to get different ideas and solutions. Often such networking can bring you across people who can give you genuine help to overcome the situation.


Honesty is the best policy

Honesty never fails to pay off. This is a rule that stands pertinent at all times. Hence, no matter what situation or challenge you face in your life, it is always appreciated if you are honest with everyone you are dealing with. This is an approach that can help you to sort some of the most difficult conflicts and also develop strong, healthy and harmonious relationships at the workplace. An honest approach can help you build dependable business affiliations and command greater respect in your business circle.


Exercise daily

This might look like a habit that cannot directly affect your success in your work arena, but thinking in this way is a mistake. Any form of exercise, yoga, running or any other form of workout actually contributes in the unwinding of your mind from all unnecessary, trash and disturbing elements hence improving your quotient of focus on the real goals. This is a habit that can do wonders for you both in your personal and your professional lives. Exercising often releases a greater amount of endorphins in your body that helps to make you happier, be focused on your goals, and pleasant moods.

Eat healthily

Like the previous one, this is also an aspect that often slips and fails to grasp the attention and understanding of the modern-age professionals and the corporate world. However, to be better focused and more productive you must eat healthily. Food that packed with sugar and is junk in nature could be easily available and also tasty. However, these kinds of drooling food items do nothing to add and contribute to your health as a whole. On the contrary, it makes you feel all the more gross and lethargic. As a result, both your work and health will get affected in the longer run. Hence to be healthier, smarter and successful eating healthy is imperative. Be watchful about your meal compositions and constituency and also the kind of binging you do in between work.



One of the most important practices that help a person to more successful both in their personal and professional lives is their habit of following up. No matter what you are into, either solving a conflict, doing a performance review of simply training a person following up with the other party will always help you keep abreast with the condition and the exact nature of the scenario.



Our brain holds the key to both your success and also your failure. Hence when you are super busy and on the brink of actually feeling submerged deep in work and stress, it is always wise to take a step back and meditate for a whole. It could be as short a while as five minutes but even then meditating for that time will help you to refocus on all the work that you have on your hand.


Let go

We often have a tendency of making certain things much more complicated than they actually are. There are several problem and issues in our lives to which we devote much greater attention, time, focus and energy than we ought to do. This is a sheer wastage of time and energy. In fact, we need to think in a way where if we feel that a certain issue or a problem will lose all its conceptuality even after a month then we need to stop giving it any further importance. We need to let go of things that can be let go off!

Find time for what matters

 A proper balance between work and family life is very important. This is all the more true for people who have great responsibilities towards their families. A perfect example of such a person is a mother who has both her child and her work to handle. Hence, it is important that we must make an attempt to squeeze out all the time we can in a day so that we can do accomplish those responsibilities that we like the most.


Practice and hone skills

This is a point that is seldom given much thought. Each one of us has certain core skills. This is what we do on a daily basis to earn our living. Our sustenance and success at work depends on the sharpening and honing of these skills. This is one of the practices that can set us apart from the wide plethora of other similar professional profiles also available in the industry.



The above-mentioned practices are just a few mentioned mantras that you can follow to be more productive and successful in your professional and personal life. There are scores of such other principles that too could be put to use for better efficiency at work and a better work-life balance. These are functional pattern and line of thought which if practised in a diligent and a relentless manner can help you become a more successful person.

However, this is a process that will surely take time. A hard and honest effort is required out of a person and no results must be expected overnight. It’s an old saying, “Rome was not built in a day”, and similarly, you should not expect ‘instant’ results. But, do stick to your plan as it would fetch you results.



Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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