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Maximize your daily productivity and improve quality of work following a few easy steps. Labor Day is celebrated all over the world every year. This day is dedicated to millions of workers who put their time and energy in making their countries prosperous in every possible way. Workers are the backbone of an industrialized economy like the USA or the UK. Broadly speaking, workers produce goods and services that improve the economy and upgrade a society. They put efforts to keep the citizens happy. The global supply chain rolls on due to these workers. In most of the time, we never mind wherefrom all these goods are coming from or how services are designed. It is the hard labour of millions of workers, the backbone of the global economy that keeps us alive and happy.

On an individual level, you should try every possible way to maximize your daily productivity and ensure that your output is qualitatively best. It is not rocket science. Anyone can achieve this level and make every day a special day of their life through simple practices. You just need to have a positive attitude and the right target.

Make strategies for day-to-day works and responsibilities that need attention

Here are some ways to strategize your days to optimize your productivity. Always remember, you have to understand your environment and circumstances to make your strategies working for you.


Align your daily jobs on a scheduler

Starting a day without sorting the priorities and goals is a grave mistake. Don’t start a day without a plan. The best way is to align the priorities at morning or night before and work accordingly. Productive people always keep a calendar ready even for a week to keep the priorities of the way or week at the top. This not only increases your productivity but also clears all your confusions.

If you start your day without planning, after some hours or by afternoon, you will understand that you will have missed some important jobs. Aligning your priorities and going as per the calendar fetch great results.


Answer this: Are meetings spoiling your time and making you less productive?

In the corporate world, this is a big question. Frequent meetings just for meeting’s sake spoil time and deteriorates your productivity. Arrange or call a meeting if it is really needed. Call people who are actually needed in the meeting. Corporate top brass and managers make meetings a big issue. It is as if part of their job. If you are not getting any benefits from a meeting or as an invitee to find the meeting useless, walk out. Make sure, you attend those meetings where you can either put a significant value or get significant value. Other than this, attending meetings are nothing but spoiling your time.


Time management: Allocate time for each job

Time management is a big factor in daily productivity. Just sitting at the desk and working get you nowhere. The human mind has a natural tendency to expand the time of accomplishing a job unnecessarily. If you don’t allocate time for a job and stick to it, you may lose some valuable hours. So, the best way of doing jobs is to allocate time for each and keeping some minutes for resting in between any two schedules.


Distractions are time spoilers, avoid them at all cost!

In fact, distractions are not only time spoilers but also degrade the quality of a job. Just allocating time span for each job doesn’t work unless and until you keep distractions away. If you are doing a job that needs concentration, distractions disrupt yours though the process. It is important that your place of work is free from distractions. You can relocate your place of work. For example, if you are a freelance, you can go to a coffee shop and spend time there writing or coding; you can choose a corner of your house or office where no one steps in; you can put a headphone with light music to avoid noise.


Make your working space your ally

Most people are more productive in a clean and clutter-free workplace but there are some people who prefer to work in a cluttered environment and feels confident when loads of papers, files, or books are spread all over the place. It depends on your psychological setup. In any case, align your workspace as per your preference and make it a productive workspace. Try to keep all your required files and devices within your reach. If you work with desktop or laptop, manage the files as per your preference so that you can access them instantly. Keep the desktop screen clutter-free; use those applications you actually need. If you require using your smartphone for accomplishing daily jobs, upload only those apps in your smartphone that you actually need.

Shortcuts are not the right ways to improve your daily productivity

People often fall prey to shortcuts. Shortcuts may bring short-term benefits but they are real spoilers in the long-term. Suppose, you are an experienced data analyzer presently working on a big data set; you are given all parameters and observations for the data analysis; being experienced you could start analyzing data straightway. However, you have another option in hand. You could establish data pipelines, use a software system to automate data cleansing task, and develop a system that could optimize all your future data analysis jobs. Today, this may take some extra time but it has a long-term effect. You are better-enabled, your quality of work improves, and you become more productive.


You may need expert support

In many circumstances, you may need expert support or mentor to accomplish a job in the right way or improve your productivity. Find experts who have relevant expertise and interested in supporting you. These people can provide good advice helping you sort out issues and saving your time. They also help you with insightful life and career lessons. You should always be ready and specific while interacting with experts or mentors. Their time is valuable and they expect that you come with the right issues and concerns.

Search for relevant resources whenever possible

Without resources, you cannot finish a job successfully. You may need physical resources, stationeries, software, apps, online or off-line services, and many more. Align resources as per your requirements to improve the quality and productivity of your job. If you start looking for resources at the time of accomplishing a job and if these are not within your reach, you lose some productive time.


Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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