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Elon Musk, founder and co-founder of big-name companies such as Paypal, SolarCity, Tesla, And SpaceX, is known worldwide as an extremely intelligent or some might say, eccentric billionaire.

Someone who’s mindset is this unorthodox and forward-thinking must have some unusual success habits right? In this article, I will unpack the 6 success habits Elon Musk continues to use in order to be a multi-billionaire.

One of Musk’s key success habits lies in his relentless pursuit of innovation. As the driving force behind Tesla, Musk has revolutionized the automotive industry by spearheading the development of electric vehicles. Tesla, particularly with its flagship model, the Tesla Model 3, has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and sustainable transportation.

Musk’s vision extends beyond the mere creation of electric cars; he envisions a future where clean energy and advanced technology coalesce seamlessly.

To delve further into Musk’s success habits, it’s essential to recognize his commitment to pushing boundaries. The Tesla Model 3, for instance, not only represents an efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation but also serves as a canvas for personalization and enhancement.

Enthusiasts and Tesla owners can explore a myriad of tesla model 3 accessories to customize their vehicles, ranging from performance upgrades to aesthetic enhancements. This attention to detail and the constant drive for improvement align with Musk’s philosophy of relentless innovation.

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Follow Your Bliss

This is advice might seem like it means “just do whatever you want whether it’s productive or not,” the way Elon Musk follows his bliss is by being extremely focused on things that pique his interest.

The way he does this is by having a grand vision in his head for what he wants to accomplish (the ultimate bliss he is following), then he works backwards the see the steps he needs to make to get there.

Each step of the way he uses his obsessive nature and attention to detail to look at all the most efficient possibilities in achieving this one step. Once that step is made, he repeats the process all over again: look for the next step, find the most efficient route and then execute on it with extreme haste.


Be The Best Example Of What You Believe In

It’s been said multiple times by himself and the people who work with him that Elon is always working, he spends an absurdly large amount of time at his office. He also expects nothing less from his employees and chooses to “lead the charge” instead of “cracking the whip.”

This is why his employees respect him so greatly, he is probably working harder than anyone he employs and makes them feel like they need to catch up and impress their leader.

This habit may not be for the vast majority of people, as obviously it leaves no time for anything else in your life, but that is the sacrifice you must make if you want to be part of the worlds elite and have privilege 99% of people cannot even dream of.


Fail Hard And Fail Fast

For Elon Musk, failure is just a boost to success, it took many unsuccessful tests for Tesla and SpaceX to create successful products.

An unusual thing about him though is that he is not afraid to fail on the national stage, there have been countless rocket launches that have not panned out for SpaceX and Elon has remained optimistic each and every time.

I believe that Elon could lose all of his wealth and his companies could die but within a few years he’d be a billionaire again because he just has the mindset of never quitting and always be working toward your dreams.

And it’s true if you aren’t spending your time on this planet working towards your dreams, then what’s the point?



Make All Your Businesses Synergistic

When things have “synergy” that means that they are better than the sum of their parts, like the idea that two people working on a problem isn’t just twice as good as one person working on it, it’s more like four times as effective.

Elon has created synergy with his businesses SolarCity, Tesla, The Boring Company And SpaceX.

SolarCity not only works on harvesting energy from the sun but also makes batteries more efficient, which can be used for the Tesla cars and SpaceX rockets.

The Tesla company is creating a mass market for electric cars, and once electric cars are widely used then SolarCity will be a step ahead of everyone else in electric car battery technology.

Even the hyperloop Elon wanted to make was planned to have the excess energy diverted to Tesla power stations, making it cheaper to build power stations in the area, which would make Telsa cars a more viable option.

This all relates to the Mars mission, where SpaceX would use SolarCity technology and Tesla cars to build a colony on Mars. Making Elon basically in charge of that whole planet, or at least give him a first-mover advantage.

But even here on Earth, Elon is using The Boring Company to try and dig tunnels under L.A. to make the traffic less dense, if he succeeds with this crazy idea, he could use Tesla’s self-driving capabilities to make L.A. (with the worst traffic in the world) an efficient example of what he’s capable of and get other cities around the world to hire Elon’s Boring Company to boreholes underground for better traffic.

So all his businesses connect in some way shape or form and are better off as a group than they would be on their own.


 Be Optimistic, Yet Realistic

If you didn’t realize already, Elon is extremely optimistic and he believes that the future is going to be something to look forward to because he is going to do his part in helping it arrive at a good outcome.

He goes into everything optimistic yet realistic, he knows not everything he comes up with is going to be a home-run but he is confident that he will never run out of ideas.

I don’t think anyone else could have such an ambitious plan to get us to mars this quickly or even see the practicality in such a goal.


Don’t Follow Other’s Paths To Success, Create Your Own

Elon Musk has had a crazy journey to be where he is in life, but one thing you can say about it is that his journey is uniquely his own. He didn’t follow the tried and true method of success he just did what felt right to him.

It should be said that this path involves a lot of failure and missteps so it is absolutely essential that you pair this way of thinking with relentless hard work so you can get over your failures as if you didn’t even fail in the first place.

This is the truest path to success because it not only includes riches but it gives you fulfilment and if you are being spiritually fulfilled on your path to success then there’s nothing that could make you stop, not a failure, not lack of resources, or naysayers.

Elon Musk might just be the best example of an entrepreneur there is today.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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