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A well-organized FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) is a valuable collection of information for your user. It conveys your customer about your product’s basic knowledge and provides any necessary additional information under one roof. This should serve as a go-to area for your customers to know about what is your product, why they want your product, how they can use your product, and how to troubleshoot if required over it. While many businesses employ and take benefit of it. There are still some who don’t even know why is it built. In this post, we’ll cover why you need a FAQ page for your business, and what benefit would it serve if you implement it.

So, you wonder how adding an FAQ page would help you as a business? Well, an effective FAQ page will help you solve the following,

  • Reflect the needs of your target audience.
  • Covers a broad range of intent regarding your business goals (transactional, informational, locational).
  • It can be updated frequently based on new data insights of your customer queries or general industry questions.
  • Lands new users to the website by addressing their problems and serving them with an appropriate solution.
  • Drives internal page views to other important pages.
  • Fuels blog (& deeper content) creation which is always helpful if you are trying to target roundups.
  • Showcases your business expertise, trust, and authority within your niche.
  • Displays your business as a professional one


But, before you plan on writing your FAQ page, ensure you follow these steps. These steps would help you be precise with what information you display and what purpose you wanna serve,

  • Your FAQ page should complement information and content style that is followed throughout your site. Doing so will help you improve your website ranking, and save you time in producing the FAQ page since you have already created other content for your other product pages.
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to figure out what questions or problems they might experience. This ensures professionalism and provides in-depth and valuable information which solves these queries by just reading your FAQ page.
  • Your answers to the FAQs should be informative to give insight about your business, the products and services, and always ensure you highlight the benefits and value.
  • Be concise at the same time be brief enough to offer information that is necessary. Don’t be too wordy because the last thing you want is to lose your customer while they came in search of your product.
  • Follow the KISS (or Keep it simple silly) principle — make your content simple and short. It should convey the meaning in a scan. Try using bullet points and short paragraphs to help your readers consume your content easily.
  • Always double-check and proofread your information again and again. Your FAQ sections need to be accurate especially if you are writing about technical topics.
  • Organize your questions and answers in similar groups. This helps in clubbing the vast product information in the forms of daughter segments. For example, if your company offers amplifiers, you may club faq’s as troubleshoot, sales queries, Bluetooth fixes, etc. And them be specific with each one of them as the user navigates to each.

Wondering what advantages your FAQ page serves as a whole? Here is why FAQ pages are important and would help you in the long runs,


Saves your Time

If your product is addressing a large number of audiences, it becomes extremely difficult to build up resources to address each and every query of your customer. If your FAQ page can address all basic things your audience will be looking for, then it significantly saves your time. A customer doesn’t need to contact you; they can just refer your FAQ page and get their doubts cleared.



Boosts Your SEO

Search engines love FAQ because it helps them to understand your business, which in turn helps them rank relevant websites to improve their search results. Include relevant keywords and search queries, a well-build good content FAQ page will definitely help you improve your search engine ranking


Improves Your Sales

Most of the time, your customer landing on your page doesn’t understand your product in one go. So an FAQ page with all relevant information will help you increase your conversation ratio. It needs to customized to specific needs of your customer, differentiate you from your competitors, show advantages of choosing your product, etc.


It Makes You Sound Like An Expert

Everybody likes to use a product created by experts, your FAQ page with all information makes your customer feel you as an expert. It helps you building the trust-factor and break that initial barrier for your customer to choose you.


Improves Site Navigation & Indexing

FAQ pages are an integral part of your site navigation, each and every question can be hyperlinked with relevant features of your product. It also helps in improving your internal linking, which boosts your on-page SEO.


Google Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the box of text that appears on top of organic search results in position zero. Click through rate of position zero is generally higher than search results and content which provides direct answers to customer’s query gets ranked up in featured snippets. Plan your content of the FAQ page which answers your customer’s queries and gets better ranking over search engine results.




Don’t need to make your target audience wait for an answer. Let them find what they need right away without a delay as that can lead them away from your business permanently. By creating a resource FAQ page that empowers your customers to solve their own problems and answer their own questions, you can more quickly complete the customer end journey and increase your revenue as a business.

Lastly, you must build your FAQ page today to make your website more effective. The benefits are many and the production cost is almost zero as compared to what you get in return. So, why are you waiting? Start growing your business today!


Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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