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Make tension your brand’s best Friend

Stories are incomplete without tension. Tension is the sole nucleus that helps to weave the plot of a gripping story that will glue the audiences to their seats. Tension is the main spine on which rests the plot of a narrative. It is out of the womb of tension that arises the elements of stress, conflict, worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety. These are actually the salts that give a story its true flavour. It is the element of tension that differentiates a good story from an average one. A story which has well-determined characters like a hero and a villain, each driven by their own purposes, creates the most interesting and gripping storylines. These are the stories that are remembered by the audiences and not the loose ones have characters with any purpose at all.


A Brand Thrives On Purpose

The commercial brands of the current times also come with a purpose. A brand which has no palpable purpose does not thrive in the market for a very long time. It is the band of customers that caters to the interest of a commercial brand and helps it’s to manage its sustenance in the market. One of the main aims of the brands is to allow its customers to live the role of the heroes. This is something that is being done and attempted by all the leading commercial brands of the current times. Now in a bid to do the same thing the most successful brands make their makes felt only on the dint of a remarkable story. This story will always have an essential villain and an element of tension. Only when the brand enables its audiences to break away from the central tension and become a hero, who has a purpose, is when the brand will survive to be a success eventually.



The Style in which brands communicate

Brands need to communicate with their audiences all the time. This is something that does through the medium of stories. Stories are transpired through various means such as promotions, advertisements, press releases and so on, as long as each one of them is telling a story that has the name of the brand on it. These are the brands that come with a purpose and often have more interesting tales to tell. These are the brands that are always preferred by the general audience and the market as a whole since they stand for a purpose. These are the brands that have a spark that attracts maximum customers in the market.


Types of tension

Hence tension seems to play a major role in the success of a brand. However, tension can be of various types and finding the right type of tension is key to the success of a brand and bringing bigger and better acceptability of the brand amongst the customers.

Cultural tension – In 1984, a new tension was created in the business environment across the globe. There was a toggle between machines and personal enslavement. This was the tension that was put to use by Apple. This created a better platform for the brand and its products.

Personal tension – Nike is a perfect example of a brand that has made the most of the element of personal tension. This is a brand that encourages its patrons to break away from the shackles of the routine and go and get the things that they want. The tag line of the brand ‘just do it” is a fine example set in this context.

Status tension – Apple’s jargon of ‘think different’ is one of the best examples of creating a stir of rebellion against the set norms and the notions of the set society of the world. It encourages the people to dream and imagine a bigger and a better tomorrow much different from the set lines of the current times.



Why does tension work

Tension as an element work for a number of reasons for the commercial brands of the current times. It is out of the tension that emotional excitement arises. This is the element that adds a spark to the story and makes it all the more unpredictable. Tension is yet again an element that leads to anticipation. This is the essence of looking forward to furthering developments. It is the element of anticipation that hooks the audience and serves to be one of the major psychological bindings for the audiences. Tension is the essential catalyst that also makes the audiences more alert and involved in the story. The audiences wake up from their delirious position and are all alert and engrossed in the story. The story now has the full attention of the audiences. When talking of the human psychology tension is one of the elements that are known to all. It is one of the elements that bind the psyche of people all across the world. Tension is also related to the aspect of freedom. It is the freedom that is desired universally. Tension could be an eminent pathway to the same.

Tension is a universal phenomenon. People all over the world have experienced the same at one point in time or the other. It is one of the aspects that creates a bond between the people of the world and hence can also create a relation between the brand and its customers. When brands deal with elements that are causes of personal tension for people, they genuinely strike a chord with their audiences and the customers in the market. This is a phenomenon that has a universal nature or character. Yet they can provide really customized individual motivation as well.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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