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Co-working space is a multifunctional place that most of the professionals enjoy working with. It is seen that in most of the major cities co-working space attracts the start-ups irrespective of its size and nature of the business. It is a place where professionals from diverse industries work in close proximity making the co-working space a natural environment for professional networking.

How to get the network in the co-working space?

The following are some measures that help you to grow your business with the network you get in the co-working space


Initiating the conversation

In co-working space, it is very essential that you initiate the conversation with the members of the space and break the ice. However, in co-working space, you generally get a lot of opportunities that will help you to break the ice and build a connection with your co-workers. But in such initial conversation, it is very important that you do not jump to pitch your business which will seem that you are too desperate to leverage your business rather it is better to have simple casual conversation initially and then slowly pitch the business outlook.


Socializing your network

In co-working space, you get the opportunity to share the cafeteria and recreational areas with many professionals who have come from diverse industries. This will help you to create friends in such a friendly It is very important you do not look for making business contacts initially rather what you can do is that you can socialize with your co-workers and connect with them with their better ideas. It is very important that you understand your co-workers in a better way so that it can help you how to know how those persons will be able to add value to your growth. Thus, it is always beneficial to be open-minded, socialize and build a lasting professional relationship and network with the co-workers.



Sharing knowledge, ideas, and opinions

In a co-working, you get the best opportunity to share your knowledge, ideas and opinions with the co-workers that will help you to add value to your business. Sharing ideas and knowledge will certainly help you to broaden your outlook which in turn can help in enhancing the business gains in the future. Thus, seeking help and assisting co-workers by sharing knowledge and ideas are the best means of experiencing the next level of innovation and creativity.


Attending an event at co-working space

It is found the in co-working space various events are often organized by the community manager. Participating in these events will not only help you to break the ice but will also assist in breaking out session with many expert professionals. Thus, attending an event at co-working space plays a big role in enhancing the professional network.


Seeking for mentoring opportunities

In co-working space, if you get a good mentor it will help you in a great way to use the professional network that you can find in the place to your advantage. Working at co-working space gives you the opportunity to engage as well as interact with various professional experts who can help in a great way in your business. A mentor can help you to connect with the experienced professionals which can be a great resource during a difficult time.


Thus, co-working space is an excellent place which provides ample opportunities to connect with many expert professions who has years of experience in their related fields. Unlike tradition networking events, where it is usually seen that people use to wander here and there hoping to get connected with experts co-working space provides huge opportunities to enhance the professional network that can help you to grow your business.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring competent workforce globally. Trying to solve a business problem for startups and young Entrepreneurs by a Coworking Model - Empowerers Coworking City. He is passionate about developing ideas which carry an impact, building human relationships & inspiring people to do amazing things.

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